A Cannabinoid for Everyone

Science has only begun to understand the biodiversity of the cannabis and hemp plant. With current studies focusing on the top 5 (THC, CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC), anecdotal stories advocating for full spectrum can be tear jerking. The fact is people from all walks of life, from varying generations and cultures are flocking to cannabis and hemp products to ease something in their lives.

From insomnia to chronic pain and anxiety to epilepsy there’s a cannabinoid for everyone. From smoking flower to eating infused peanut butter and from under the tongue tinctures to a body balm, there’s an application or method for everyone.

Sure federal and local legalities have been less than cooperative in either industry but the market has found a way to share what they can with the public. Even more than legal reform, we need public education. For example, I was blown away at the amount of people who did not know the only real difference between cannabis and hemp is THC levels.

As a whole plant advocate I find it of the utmost importance to remove the confusion and stigma behind the many uses of the plant. I am so excited to see the waves of knowledge and opportunity come across the nation.

As the doors open to the first CBD store in Boulder CO, Jessica Bates seen an untapped market walking right through her doors. As the founder and lead herbalist at Moon Mother Hemp, Bates emphasizes she is a health advocate and thrives on sharing her knowledge with her customers. Even though cannabis is legal medically and recreationally in CO, there also happens to be a large population base who find comfort knowing her products are all USDA organic & hemp derived. Speaking with Bates really made me see that this CBD boom both in cannabis legal and non legal states is here to stay and is only beginning.

Meanwhile over a thousand miles away here in Wisconsin, hemp consumables are widely available at health food stores, head shops and stand alone stores. Wisconsin’s first legal hemp was harvested just earlier this year by Jamie Degenhardt and his family under their company Cannabis Cultivators of Clark County LLC.

Since the state okayed hemp cbd manufacturing in May of this year, sales are booming and more importantly people are talking. I admire the analogy James Naumann of Greenleaf Events uses, “We are a mere 6 steps into a marathon.”

With hundreds of cannabinoids yet to be talked about and hundreds of uses for the plant industrially…. the conversation has just begun!

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